ars supernova

medieval jazz –  an experience of timelessness...

Ars nova is the medieval Latin name for the "new music" of the 14th century. A supernova is a short bright flash of light from a star, caused by an explosion which eventually destroys it. It can be percieved on Earth only when it no longer exists. In ars supernova, LES HAULZ ET LES BAS celebrates seven centuries of wind bands and the exchange of matter between early music and jazz. The international prizewinning ensemble LES HAULZ ET LES BAS offer proof that the saxophone is the ideal instrument for the 14th-century ars nova and that the medieval shawm hass just the sound that jazz has been waiting for. In ars supernova a star-studded cast presents old and new music in new and beautiful arrangements with breathtaking improvisations.

'New directions for early music‘ - with their project ars supernova LES HAULZ ET LES BAS won a CD production with the German national radio station Deutschlandradio Kultur, now released by ahalani records.


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